Welcome to Primary School

School Features

The first ever foreign language primary school in south China featuring dual mother tongues and dual cultures

What is a mother tongue? According to UNESCO, a mother tongue is a language developed from a young age and can be used as a tool to communicate and to think. A person who can fluently uses two languages to communicate can be defined as a bilingual.

In GIS International class, English is not merely learned as knowledge. Instead, it is one of the natural skills that can be trained and acquired spontaneously like other basic survival skills. Through the cooperative efforts of overseas and local principals and homeroom teachers, domestic and western culture can be truly merged and incorporated.


Local and overseas teachers with dual language teaching

Diversified Courses

IT, drama, dancing, music, visual, art and over 12 courses will be provided.

Community in School

With an open-door policy, leisure and sports venue can be offered to families as part of its community.

Innovative Facility

All facilities are from design concepts around the world, based on the best international educational ideas for each student and each classroom. These are all prepared to provide for students’ success in school.