Welcome to Primary School


Opened in September 2016, GIS Primary takes the best from Chinese and international educational practices and implements these side-by-side to create an academic, rigorous yet caring, child-centered educational experience for our young learners.

Our purpose-built campus includes an auditorium, library, multi-media rooms, art rooms, music rooms and an indoor gym. Outdoor facilities include a running track, all weather pitches and two playgrounds on an open green site in Haiyi Penninsula.  The Boarding House also provides a homely caring environment for many of our students.

We are authorised by the Ministry of Education in China and offer two different educational streams, with an increasing level of bilingualism incorporated in each stream.  

Students are admitted to a specific stream following the admission interview and based on the school’s recommendation for individual students.

Stream 1

Chinese Curriculum + Inquiry Special

Chinese homeroom teacher + 5 English immersion inquiry-based lessons per week

Stream 2

Full Inquiry-based International Curriculum 

English-native speaking Homeroom teacher co-teaching with Chinese teacher 


Stream 1 – Chinese Curriculum + Inquiry Special

Classes will follow the Chinese curriculum as in Stream 1. Students are also provided with five additional lessons that are taught in English by a specialist teacher, who is also a native English-speaker. These lessons incorporate subjects such as Science and Humanities and follow an international inquiry-based approach to teaching. 

Stream 2 – Full Inquiry-based International Curriculum

Classes will follow an international inquiry-based approach to teaching for all lessons with a native English-speaking Homeroom teacher. Specialist lessons are provided for PE, Music and Art in English with specialist teachers and students are also taught Chinese by specialist Chinese teachers.