Welcome to Kindergarten

Assessment in an Inquiry-based learning environment

The overall focus of our inquiry-based curriculum is to encourage children to:

  • Make choices and decisions
  • Use materials in flexible and imaginative ways
  • Initiate inquiry and ask questions
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Sustain their interests and extend their knowledge
  • Develop understanding of themselves and the world around them

Assessments of a child’s development and acquisition of skills are conducted on a regular basis by teachers, using varied assessment methods that will allow children to demonstrate their achievement.

These include:

  • open-ended, problem-solving activities
  • creative summative tasks
  • investigations
  • hands-on experimentation
  • reflection

Our close partnership with parents is an integral part of our school philosophy.  We place great importance on regular communication to fully support the development of our students in a positive and consistent manner.  We provide detailed school reports two times in the academic year.