About GIS


Open and transparent communication is key to building a strong bond between home and school; and is critical to developing principled, confident and independent students.

At both GIS Kindergarten and GIS Primary schools, there are many ways for parents and teachers to share information, share news or raise concerns.

Initial Contact:  Homeroom Teacher

The homeroom teacher is the initial point of contact for parents, either by email or in-person at the end of the school day. If a longer discussion is required, a parent-teacher meeting can be arranged by contacting the school office in advance.

Point of Escalation: School Principal

Parents should contact the School Principal if concerns are not resolved with the teacher, or if concerns are sensitive and need to be brought directly to the administration. Appointments can be made by contacting the school office.

Depending on the nature of the concerns raised by members of the school community, the School Principal may involve Board members of a case by case basis.

School Calendar:

A general school calendar is published at the beginning of each school year. All school holidays and major events are listed on this calendar. Please display it somewhere in your home so that all family members have access to it.


QR codes for the official GIS WeChat accounts can be found at the bottom of each page of this website. News and photos are uploaded regularly. The content is of a more general nature and not related to specific age groups or individuals.

Monthly Newsletter:

A monthly newsletter for each school is distributed via email at the end of each month. The Newsletter includes items of immediate interest as well as highlighting up-coming events.

Teachers' Letters:

Letters from teachers detailing special items of interest or information concerning specific classes are also distributed to parents when necessary throughout the school year.

Year group newsletters are also distributed to parents and provide a review of teaching and curriculum as well as a brief indication of future activities. Full information and updates of these activities is provided through the Home/School Communication Book or through the monthly newsletters.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Regular conferences are held on specified days in the academic year.