Welcome to Primary School

Arts Curriculum

Visual Arts Courses
Art, Calligraphy, Paper Art, Ceramic Art, Wood Art, Scientific and Technological Creation
Year 1-2  Children’s drawing, Paper Art
Year 3 Children’s drawing, Paper Art, Ceramic Art
Year 4 Chinese painting, Sketch, Wood Art
Year 5 Oil painting, Engraving, Cloth Art, Scientific and Technological Creation
Year 6  Planar Design, Seal Cutting, Clay Sculpture (Year 6 will start the photography courses or animation courses)
Performing Arts Courses
Vocal Music Courses
Year 1-2 Basic musicology (identification of spectrogram, musical rhythm, sing the children’s songs)
Year 3-4 Appreciate and sing songs (ethical songs, folk songs, dramatics, traditional Beijing Opera songs)
Year 5-6 Get a better understanding on the culture of both home and foreign music, improve the ability of music appreciation, learn to create music works (opera, foreign songs)
Dance courses
Year 1-2 Rhythmic movements, dance for children
Year 3-4 Folk dance, foreign folk dance, Latin dance
Year 5-6 Standard physical dance, Modern Dancing, dance creation
Drama Courses
Year 3-4 Drama courses