Welcome to Primary School Admissions

Step 1:   Visit our Primary School

Our Admissions team will be delighted to arrange for you to visit our school after making appointment with Sunny Zhan at 020-39986970/020-39986960 or via email to  We are pleased to showcase our new campus which includes world-class teaching facilities, a gymnasium, sports field and running track and a theatre and green spaces for our students to play. Our admissions team are at hand to answer your questions.  Interested families can request an application pack for entry in September 2020.  Entry at other times is subject to availability of places.

Step 2:  Completing the Application Pack and providing supporting documents

We require families to complete one application form per child seeking admission to GIS Primary School. The application form and supporting documents will be reviewed by the Admissions Team and prospective families will be invited for an Admissions Interview. 

Step 3: Admissions Interview               

At the Admission Interview, the Director or Vice Principal of the school meet with parents to discuss the requirements and expectations from the school.  We believe that the strength in our community comes from a shared understanding of principles underlying our educational philosophy. 

Prospective students will be interviewed by teachers and undertake a written assessment task in Chinese, Maths and English if required.  These tasks are designed to allow students to showcase their skills and potential.

Step 4:  Admission to GIS Primary School

An offer of a place at GIS Primary School is made by the Senior Leadership team in conjunction with the Admission team, based on feedback from the Admissions Interview, the Application Form and supporting documents provided, in accordance to the schools Admission Policy and usual terms and conditions.

The Admissions Team are a constant point of contact to families upon acceptance, supporting families and students in joining our community.